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I am a mobile screen and not a person in flesh

So then lets talk about relationships when you are in a solitary confinement. I have had this experience of people being very curious to know about me and about cancer. Though it is not the most interesting topics to discuss it is still fascinating for a lot of girls because.. come on.. this pretty much happens only in the movies... if I didn’t have cancer I would have known no one with this disease, so the being ‘rare’ factor makes it interesting. Over that believe it or not, beneath that scary puffy face I am a pretty interesting person to talk to, but the question is for how long? So over the years of treatment there is this basic trend that follows its course, a new girl comes into my life, I enjoy talking to her, I start getting used to talking to her and she seems super interested and fascinated with me, I am the most interesting person on earth and my charm starts to over flow from my extremely desirable body and its all out of control. Then suddenly one fine day this relationships loses its stamina. Boom!!! Now this girl suddenly doesn’t have anything to talk, doesn’t have more experiences to share, my charm has now dried up and it all goes for a toss at a point where I am absolutely going to miss her if we stop talking. It happens each and every time. I figured the reason behind it. I cant comment on most of the factors related to the girl because I have no right to. What I can tell you and is the truth is that I am basically a mobile screen and not a real person in much ever humans get addicted to phone they need to and they will come back to a person in real bones and flesh and hopefully some clothes too..none of which I can provide.

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