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Hey Siri, put “Be happy” on today’s schedule..

Today i was talking to someone about the idea of happiness when i started telling them about how i feel happiness is a routine. I have never said something like i have been happy for the past 6 months or i have been happy this year, its always whether or not today was a happy day. I feel like i have a set list of things i do which make me feel happy at the end of the day. Like i wake up and i play one specific song on my phone while my eyes take their time to open slowly. Then i eat fruits. Then i play a specific playlist and limp my way to the canvas kept right in front of my bed ( which is also the first thing i look at as i open my eyes) and i paint. I spend time with my painting and taking breaks to eat and other little things till its nearing sunset. Then i check other important things which are mandatory for survival and i look forward to doing the second most lovely thing to do in the day i.e to talk to my friends. Then i move on to my third love i.e movies and i spend time with my thoughts and by this time its night. All throughout the day, knowingly or unknowingly i have scheduled things i love and make me happy as a part of my routine. When i do this i forget to count all the things which are also a part of my day which make me upset, like puking and hip pain. I think we are so programmed to do things which are put on our schedule that we need to schedule to be happy.


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