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The Man In Chequered Shorts

How "The Man In Chequered Shorts" gave me a REALITY CHECK!!!

Yes I have been super inactive all these months. Apparently my journey as an artist had more in store for me than I had imagined.

Recently i have been experiencing major mood swings. ( I didnt know guys had their time of the month too). Yesterday i sent the whole day cribbing about everything possible and to calm myself down i went to the sea side to watch the sunset (aaand i was cribbing about life....anyway) . I sat there for an hour, watching the waves and trying to learn how to sketch them down. I watched a lot of people doing their evening routine jogs but didnt pay attention. Just one person caught my eye because of his chequered shorts he was walking with a lady he was starring right into the air and had a weird expression on his face . Surprisingly after a few rounds they both started walking towards the bench i was sitting on. They reached me and couldnt stop myself from starring at his chequered shorts again when i noticed his legs trying to softly kick the bench and when i looked up i realized the lady was trying to help him sit down at the right spot. Sitting right next to me, starring into the air again with that weird expression. I again starred at his chequered shorts and a tear rolled down my cheek.

I had spent my entire day cribbing about my life when only one of us sitting on that bench could actually watch the sun set.

PS: I guess the man in the chequered shorts could feel it instead.

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