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Window seat is important! My first flight journey ever...

The first and last time I had been on a flight was in 2009 after my first chemotherapy, a short flight from Mumbai to Goa but I was sick and on the verge of vomiting all throughout the journey, basically not in my senses and I don’t even remember it. This time as i had to fly to Chennai,I sat in a flight after 9 years and let’s consider it my first time. I had imagined taking a flight to be a more comfortable process but then I discovered it takes a lot of time. Boarding and luggage check in and then going to the flight. Also because it was my first ever trip in two years (since the diagnosis) I was pretty low on energy butttttttttt high on enthusiasm. I shall just admit that I was as excited as a 4 year old in a candy shop( candy shop still excites me). Mumbai airport is an artistic masterpiece and I was lost in its beauty. Most of the time I was looking up at the ceiling.

After finally boarding the flight I started to feel slightly nauseous and cramped. I saw the concept of economy class and business class for the first time. Had only heard about it(i better become rich soon). Well, I got the window seat yay!!! Window seat is important ok??!!!. As the flight took off I didn’t realise it was just going to get beautiful. I immediately took out my phone and started clicking pictures of my first flight journey. Now I was experiencing what I had seen in people’s Instagram stories. The buildings got smaller and the landscape made a strange painting like I was zooming out on google maps. The clouds entered the frame and then then a few minutes later the horizon looked like how i saw in movies like 'gravity' or 'interstellar'. Oh i was on the top of the least on top of dharavi by now...and it was beautiful. Though i was disappointed about a man serving us (story of my life). Come on, all first timers want to be served by air hostess otherwise its a total waste of money(maybe i got a man because it was a sponsored flight) over that I kept thinking about Malya recruiting professional models as air crew. Well this was anyway a Jet Airways flight.

On my flight back from Chennai, it was night and oh my oh my the view out of the window(again got the window seat..yay!!) is even better at night. The lights, lit up roads and highway and cars, wow everything was so magical. I didn't forget to click pictures and each picture is a painting in itself. Now the top view of my birth city is the wallpaper of my phone. Yes i was born in Chennai and my first visit after my rebirth was to my birth palce.

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