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When my tush finally met the correct gender

I want to boast about the fact that i can take a lot of physical pain. Your endurance anyway increases when you have nurses around you and your surgeon is also a pretty lady. Well, i wasn't lucky enough to have my permanent doctor to be a pretty lady rather i am quite terrified of him (basically he is out of my leaugue intelligent so i think whatever i say makes me sound stupid in front of him). So like i was saying, I can bear with the pricks and cuts and even stitches when the anaesthesia starts to wear off and that has happened a couple of times. BUT i can't take a prick in my butt. I used to be in some severe back pain all throughout the day for months and the remedy was pain killer injection in my butt. As soon as the needle touches the smooth surface of my ass i tighten my muscle as a reflex and it hurts even more. Giving me this injection used to be a male's job. But one fine day when the sun was bright and birds were singing and the television had "kuck kuch hota hai" on it, a nurse came to give me the pain killer. My smooth little butt was going to have a small encounter with the gender it is actually supposed to, but had only the luxury to have been touched by the other gender till now. So my butt was excited. As soon as the needle touched the surface, guess what??? Reflex?!!! right??? I FARTED!!!!! a beautiful sound, more like someone honked (from inside my tush) and probably some aroma. The meeting ended with the injection being pushed faster than usual and i never saw that particular nurse ever again. She probably took transfer to another ward. Following which, till date no female has seen my tush.

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