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The grumpy me

I am going through my grumpy day. I am so annoyed at everything. I am annoyed even while typing this. I am annoyed why typing on the laptop doesn't have auto correct. I am annoyed by the bright sun, the sound of the birds, the wind that is coming through my window, the sound of the notification on my phone, i am even annoyed that i am thirsty and will have to pick up the bottle to drink water, and guess what?,the bottle is empty and ill have to walk out to the kitchen to get water, it so annoying.!!!!!!!!

Mom says it could be withdrawal symptoms as i got off steroids 2 days back. But it doesn't help. All the talks about positivism and optimism and everything i say to myself everyday sound useless right now. My head hurts and that just adds to the grumpyness (if thats a word)...i am going to stop bother about correccting the speling mistakes also from now on. Whenever i am annoyed like this i tend to call it "that time of the month"...which makes me wonder how must it acutally be for girls...i mean..i have lived with sisters but feeling it in real is a different thing all together...over that they dont curse the world like how i am right now...and guess what??i live next to a firing range and everyone decided to go gun shooting at this very

Its 10 minutes to 12 and 12 is my Posa time...Posa is the most annoying medicine of all..its a syrup which has to be taken 4 times a da and with butter...i shall take one 5ml spoon of posa followed y a spoon of butter..its so annoying !!!! why cant this medicine be a tablet so that i dont have to open the cap,pour the thing on a spoon..5ml mind it...and then also eat butter over that,,...why?!!!...someone left the door open and i went i cant scream because i live with parents...and i hate the door open plus i am annoyed by even the idea of getting up and closing the you feel me???...all you guys who i keep pushing to be happy...i understand you...somedays you just cannot be happy and thankful..somedays you are grumpy..not thanful...annoyed and hate everything...the glass looks half empty today...

I am not going to conclude on a positive note because there isnt any.....this post is not going to turn into an encouraging inspiring one...this is where i end it because i am annoyed of pressing these keys again and again....

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