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-All the while i was drawing this piece i was thinking about the people who i love and who love me back. As fortunate as i may sound, i have many on my list. Slowly when i start to wonder about the depth of this love that we all share i start to think whether we give it all for someone? We help, we care we support and we be there but are we a 100% commited? Maybe that when someone gave me a shoulder and i started to put my weight on them they started to feel how heavy i am. Did i ever took someone’s complete weight on myself? Did i ever let anybody surrender themselves to me and let me take everything they had to give? There are so many questions even about these loved ones of mine. We as a human race, are we scared of giving away everything? Are we scared that if someone is dependent on us will we be able to be free? Are we scared that we won’t be able to fly with all that weight? Or are we forgetting that the string that keeps the kite down is the same one that suppprts it to fly? Why is it that as soon as we enter someone’s space we start to feel the drift away from them? Why is it that we always live inside a cage and only let a little light enter ? Are we all prisoners in our little cages just sitting beside each other ?

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