• Kartikey Sharma

Flying Pencils

This one I sketched just after I got the news of relapse, before getting admitted in the hospital. I remember making it sitting in front of the friend who gifted me the sketch book. When I started drawing all I could think about was that I will be living in a room from now on and I will be surround by bricked walls. I wont have any control over my movement and I am going to be stuck inside. It will be dark in there. The thought of it scared me. Yes I was scared. I wasn’t scared of the pain because at this point of time I hadn’t even thought of it yet. I was thinking of being restricted and how will my mind cope with that. As I kept drawing the walls I started thinking about the kind of person I am. I am the kind who would look beyond the wall. So I made an eye. I didn’t think a wall should be able to restrict my view. I was trying to encourage my scared and vulnerable mind. The only strength I could see was in the very pencil I was making the drawing with and I knew that if I want to get through this only these pencils can make my thoughts fly beyond the walls and also beyond the reach of my vision.


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