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Meanwhile in the parallel world

Remember the feeling when its cold and you step outside, the sun rays fall on you and you feel warm. You cant see it but only feel it. I feel that even while sitting in my room.

Remember the favourite moment of your life? I did until a few days ago. Now i don't remember how my life was before you and my favourite moment is when you mentioned me with your mother and doggo in the same sentence.

I exactly remember how i felt when i took my first breath after completing my first wall painting. Now i feel the exact same air going into my chest each time i look at your face and i breathe as slowly as possible because as a child i always thought i could stop time by holding my breath.

I hadn't sung a song in two years but now i sing because i feel like you are listening to me. I sing because i want to use the expert's words to tell you exactly how i feel because relying on my knowledge of the language is not that great an idea.

When i look towards the window of my room i don't see the grill anymore, but instead the trees and the flying birds, the sea and the endless water. I can feel the waves like how i can feel your smile even when i cant see either.

In this parallel world, music doesn't leave my ears and i feel the texture of the paint as i don't wear gloves. In this parallel world i don't wear a mask either as i feel more than healthy. I don't want to leave this space because this parallel world seems more real than the real world.

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