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As the date says this was just 10 days post my diagnosis. I had forgotten what this thing was called because it had been 6 years since I last needed it. So I called it butterfly. This was the first sketch I made in the hospital because it was the very element that showed that my life wasn’t the same anymore. This was on my hand 24/7 and i had to take chemo through it. Now my hands were not covered in paint anymore. Now it was this. This butterfly. I sketched this because my hand looked different to me. Every time I would try to pick up something or even move my hand it would remind me of its presence. It wouldnt let me sleep at night as it would get entangled somewhere inside the blanket. So i would sleep with my one arm stretched out. It showed that I was hooked. I was attached to it now. This was now a part of my body. This was the very beginning of the long journey ahead. This butterfly had now held my hand and it had total control.

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