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An artist based out of Pune; founded his company after completing his 50th wall art and being diagnosed with 'Hodgkins Lymphoma' He has been fighting the last stage of cancer with a brush for over a quarter decade now. 


A routine full body check-up in 2009 came as a shocker to him and his family as a tumor was detected in his chest, soon it was found to be malignant. Luckily, the cancer was in its second stage when it was fairly treatable. He was in class 12th when the entire family moved to Mumbai for his treatment. After being declared fit and scoring a distinction in Class 12, he decided on moving out of the house to take up engineering in Pune.


From a guy who considered painting as a getaway to somebody who’s a professional artist, the journey hasn’t been an easy one. The first big opportunity that came my way was when someone from Red Bull spotted me painting in college. After painting for fourteen hours straight, a fully completed painting gave him the most incomparable satisfaction ever.

Lamentably, cancer relapsed in February 2016. Being detected with ‘Stage Four Cancer’, which had spread to all his body parts; He was immediately rushed to Mumbai for treatment.  Spending most of the time in a hospital room, the pain and discomfort make one lose its patience and motivation. But for him even though the doctors gave up, he has been holding on for the past 2 and a half years. While going through 12 failed chemotherapies, a bone marrow transplant and witnessing 8 fellow patients die, he kept painting with a smile.


Months and months of looking at pale hospital room ceiling, absorbing excruciating pain, and befriending powerful drugs is a lot a body can take, let alone find a colorful way to coexist but he believes that his passion has to be the biggest driving force when one cannot see light at the end of the tunnel.


He has painted over 100 paintings, hosted 11 exhibitions, and founded another company, while still undergoing treatment. He was felicitated by Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN), called by ET-Now for the show ‘Leaders of tomorrow’ to present his start-up and was also fortunate enough to be invited by TEDx GLIM Chennai to speak about his journey and his art.

Kartikey says that the best thing happening to him is that he is alive and painting, also believes if there is a future one must build it.